Rheumatoid Arthritis and Chiropractic Care In Jonesboro

If you are dealing with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), you are more likely to experience a lot of fatigue that your family and friends might not understand its extent. While it may not be possible to eliminate your RA fatigue completely, there are some ways to lessen or prevent it. Here are some few tips that…


How Chiropractic Care Can Help Children With ADHD

No one wants to see their children struggle with taking pills. It’s difficult to maintain the habit, to nag them to take them and watch like an eagle that they don’t forget or purposefully ignore their daily dose. Taking medication, especially as a child, is not natural. Often the medication will cause difficult if not…


The Potential Dangers of Seat Belts For Jonesboro Residents

While wearing a seatbelt is an important car safety practice that is responsible for saving countless lives, seat belts aren’t able to prevent all accident injuries. In fact, even a low speed car accident in Jonesboro at 15 mph or under can produce enough energy to result in whiplash. Unfortunately, wearing a seatbelt won’t impact…


Surprising Whiplash Statistics For Chiropractic Patients In Jonesboro

A whiplash injury typically results in the urgent need for chiropractic care after an accident, as this is one of the most common injuries involved in car accidents. If you have ever experienced whiplash you know how painful this condition can be, but to better understand it, you should check out some of the surprising…


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