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Doctors on-site in Jonesboro

Our team of doctors include medical doctors and chiropractors who provide physiotherapy. In addition, we have a team of specialists that include Orthopedic, Neurology, and Pain Management. Our unique combination of accident injury doctors combined with the latest diagnostic testing and imaging (i.e. MRI) allows for complete understanding of the patient’s injury and a much quicker recovery.

Jonesboro Chiropractors & Staff

The Jonesboro Chiropractic Clinic (AICA) is staffed with professional, friendly doctors’ assistants. We’re confident you’ll feel right at home as you’re warmly greeted by our family of staff. The pain associated with injuries is difficult to endure. Our goal is to make every visit as pleasurable as possible with a friendly family atmosphere and excellence in your treatment.

The Treatment You Need

When you have a variety of different specialists working together, it ensures that you will receive the specific care you need. If you receive treatment with a single-specialty clinic, you only have one option for your treatment. The team of doctors at AICA will give you the treatment that you need.

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