How To Incorporate Calcium Into Your Diet

How To Incorporate Calcium Into Your Diet | AICA JonesboroWhen individuals do not consume enough calcium, they become at risk for developing health problems like osteoporosis. Even though calcium has been noted for many years to be beneficial, some still do not take it as seriously as they should.

Adding calcium isn’t as hard as you may think, and our Jonesboro chiropractors have created a list of a few ways to help you incorporate more calcium into your diet starting today!

Start With Breakfast

A great way to begin implementing more calcium into your diet is to begin with your first meal of the day! A simple glass of milk can easily add 300 mg of calcium to your diet and it doesn’t matter what kind either which is another added bonus!

Some may not enjoy milk as much as others so adding in another dairy supplement such as yogurt can also get you that calcium your body craves. With many different varieties and options to add fruits and nuts, there is bound to be a yogurt out there for you! Another great snack that can be eaten at breakfast, or just for a quick pick me up is some cheese. Dairy is a fantastic source of calcium, and delicious too!

Calcium In Veggies!

For those of you who may be vegan, obtaining your calcium intake from dairy isn’t going to work for you, so how? Believe it not there are vegetables that are rich in calcium that can help you fulfill your daily needs and can be found right in the grocery store!


Even though there are many options for you to add calcium, sometimes you just can’t seem to get enough and the idea of adding a calcium supplement may be beneficial. Always speak with your doctor before beginning a new regime and ask them for their advice on what they suggest you should take based on your individual calcium levels which can be obtained through blood work.

Our Jonesboro chiropractors care about your bone health and cannot stress enough about how important it is to consume the right amount of calcium. As you grow older, the bones grow weaker so staying proactive will only improve your quality of life. If you would like to learn more about the importance of calcium, or how our Jonesboro chiropractors can help you, please call our office at (404) 602-0387.

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