Tips for Fall Prevention in Older Adults

Tips for Fall Prevention in Older Adults In Jonesboro | AICA JonesboroEvery year, nearly 10,000 senior citizens die due to injuries that they received form a fall. In addition, one out of three elderly Americans will experience a fall every year.

As a person ages, their body goes through changes that make them more susceptible to falls, including changes in muscle mass, bone density, balance, and vision.

Senior citizens are also more likely to be taking prescription medications, and the side effects from these medications can include loss of balance and blurred vision.

Tips for fall prevention in seniors and older adults are discussed below.


In order to prevent potential falls within the bathroom, AICA presents the following guidelines:

Living Rooms

To prevent falls within the living room and other living spaces:


Hallways are high-traffic areas, so the following considerations should be taken:

Outside of the Home

Not all falling hazards are found inside of the home. Tips for staying safe when outside include the following:

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