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You’ve only got one place to call when you’ve been in an accident. AICA’s Jonesboro chiropractic clinic offers the benefit of being treated by a full staff of medical, chiropractors and physical therapists. We also have specialists in neurology, orthopedics and pain management who are able to get you care that will bring real improvement in your life.

Together with our sister metro AICA Injury Clinics, we have treated over 25,000 patients throughout the last 10 years. We look forward to helping you work toward a full and complete recovery. We offer qualified patients a free X-ray, if medically necessary, which can help bring you the data we need to advise and deliver the best level of treatment for your case.

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Multidisciplinary Treatment

Our Jonesboro chiropractic clinic offers a unique approach to injury treatment. Normally, at a single discipline medical practice, you can only receive the single treatment option provided. Our multidisciplinary approach offers you the most appropriate and effective treatment for your specific injuries, something you can’t find at a single typical clinic.

Our Experts

Our staff includes many experts, including medical and car accident doctors specializing in spinal and soft tissue treatment, neurology and pain management, orthopedists specializing in medical treatments for bones and the surrounding tissues, and physical therapists. Everyone works together under one injury treatment practice!



In many cases, patients pay nothing out of pocket to be treated at AICA.



If your car was damaged in an accident, how will you get to the medical practice? Call us!



Injuries don’t always happen at convenient times, so our team is available to help around the clock.



When you’re in pain, waiting is not an option. Call us to get seen today.



AICA is happy to work with most major insurances and will file the billing for you.

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Jonesboro's Only Multi-Specialty Orthopedic

As a multi-disciplinary medical practice, we’re able to treat a wide spectrum of accident injuries.

  • Auto Accident
  • Workman’s Comp
  • Slip & Fall Injury
  • Headaches
  • Neck & Back Pain

Our neurologists and physical therapists partner with our Chiropractors to treat more severe injuries and symptoms. We’ve treated thousands of injuries, including trauma caused from serious impacts.


Our location has access to an MRI machine that can detect the hard-to-find soft tissue injuries that are commonly missed by a standard X-ray. Access to an MRI machine and our multidisciplinary approach to your treatment ensures that you can’t find more comprehensive injury treatment in Jonesboro. We don’t just tell you about your injuries, we show them to you!

Orthopedic Spine & Joint

Treating pain and mobility issues caused by injuries to the bones, joints, and muscles are what chiropractors do best. Our experts have studied and practiced for years in their fields and hold certifications in chiropractic care.

Neuro Spine

Whenever possible, we make use of spinal adjustments and manipulation to restore mobility and reduce or, ideally, eliminate pain. We always consider these options first before moving on to surgery or any type of pain medication.

Minimally Invasive Spine Procedures

Unfortunately, while we will make use of chiropractic options whenever possible, there are some injuries that are going to require surgery. We will always suggest procedures that are minimally invasive whenever possible if there is no non-surgical option.


In addition to orthopedic surgeons and experienced chiropractors, we also have neurologists on staff. All of these experts work together to diagnose any neurological problem you may be suffering from and devise a course of treatment.