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Jonesboro Chiropractic Treatment For Shoulder Pain

According to a survey offered by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, approximately 7.5 million people visited a medical physician because of some type of shoulder pain in 2017. If you are one of the thousands of people around Jonesboro, GA who suffers from shoulder pain, make sure you schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Chiropractors right away.

Delaying treatment and ignoring any existing symptom will only increase your chances of developing long-term of permanent damage that could dramatically alter your way of life. If your shoulder feels weak, is in some kind of pain, or has slipped out of place due to an accident, call our Jonesboro Chiropractors at (404) 602-0387 to schedule an examination as soon as possible.
For most people, the value of their shoulders goes unnoticed until something happens that affects their range of motion and ability to perform properly. If you have been in some type of slip-and-fall or auto accident, or if your family is prone to shoulder pain, then our team of Chiropractors can repair any existing damage, while also alleviating any particular pain you may be experiencing.

How Our Chiropractors Diagnose Chronic Shoulder Pain and Injuries

If you are suffering from some type of acute injury, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. If the pain you’re experiencing is not too significant, you might be able to rest for a few days in order to effectively treat your condition. Your personal AICA Jonesboro Chiropractor can perform a complete examination of your injury in order to decide what type of treatment process will best address the characteristics of your specific condition.

How Your Family’s Medical History Can Influence Chronic Shoulder Pain

Understanding your family’s medical history as it relates to shoulder pain is one of the first steps your Chiropractor will take in diagnosing your injury and how it should be treated. They will most likely ask you a variety of questions that relate to the origins of your pain, whether or not you have noticed any type of pain before, and how you may have treated prior injuries.

Chiropractic Examinations

Each of our patients is offered a thorough examination that reviews the entirety of your injury, as well as any possible connections to other existing ailments that may have developed as a result of your shoulder pain. During your examination, your Chiropractor will look to identify areas that appear to be swollen, deformed, or abnormal. They will most likely ask you to perform a number of stretches and follow through with a variety of actions in order to assess your complete range of motion.

Imaging Devices Help Create Custom Treatment Solutions

Depending on the extent of your injury, your Chiropractor may ask to perform a number of tests that help provide additional insight into the nature of your injury. These tests include:
X-rays – May be ordered to see if a fracture exists.
MRI or Ultrasound – Understand whether or not there is any soft tissue damage or if the ligaments and tendons that surround your shoulder joints are torn.
Electrical Studies – May be used to examine and evaluate the degree of your nerve function.
Arthrogram – This sees your Chiropractor add dye to your X-ray study in order to better see whether or not your joints or muscles are damaged.
CT Scans – Combines X-rays with digital technology in order to create a specific, detailed view of the bones that exist within your shoulders.

Chiropractic Treatment For Seniors

The chances of developing arthritic shoulder joints increase as you get older and are a common condition among senior citizens who have lost significant levels of cartilage. Our Chiropractors treats hundreds of senior citizens throughout the Jonesboro community and offer each patient a unique treatment regiment that allows them to live a pain-free life. If you suffer from some form of arthritis, our doctors can offer you a Chiropractic Adjustment that alleviates any pain and helps restore flexibility/motion.

Recovering From Shoulder Pain or Injuries

One of the first questions our patients ask us after learning that they have some type of shoulder injury is how long will it take before they are completely healed. The answer is that it depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • Your age.
  • Experience with prior injuries.
  • The extent of your injury.
  • The type of damage that’s been done.
  • How you respond to each recommended treatment method.

Depending on the circumstances, your doctor may offer you a number of activities and exercises that you can perform outside of your office visits, in order to compliment your recovery process. They may also offer lifestyle recommendations that focus on incorporating more healthy habits into your daily routine. The only thing that is guaranteed is that ignoring your symptoms or avoiding your Chiropractor will lead to longer-lasting pain that can eventually turn into permanent damage.

Contact Us For Permanent Shoulder Pain Relief

If you have recently been involved in an accident that has created shoulder pain or you suffer from some type of chronic condition, our doctors can create a treatment plan that works for your specific needs. Our solutions focus on relieving you of your immediate pain, while also addressing the root causes of your injury in order to prevent the chances of relapsing.
From X-rays and MRI scans to blood tests and various Chiropractic techniques, we treat thousands of shoulder injuries each year using these solutions. We are available 24/7 and offer immediate visitations, as well as welcome walk-in visits to our office.
Our friendly staff can help walk you through any questions you may have ahead of your appointment, as well as work with your insurance provider on your behalf. It’s important to know that most insurance policies cover the entire costs associated with Chiropractic examinations, so there is no excuse when it comes to getting the support your health depends on. If you are unable to transport yourself to your office visits, we can provide transportation upon request.
You can call us today at (404) 602-0387 or visit our office located at:
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