Need to Know About High Ankle Sprains

Conditions, General | Jun 29, 2022

What You Need to Know About High Ankle Sprains 

As one of the most common injuries across the United States, you have more than likely suffered from an ankle sprain before. Whether you tripped on a sidewalk or kicked a soccer ball at a bad angle, ankle sprains can be painful for anyone. However, you may not realize that…

Joint Pain

General | Jun 27, 2022

When to Push through Joint Pain and When to See a Doctor

You might not realize just how much you depend on your joints for everyday routines and activities until you start experiencing joint pain. An injury or health condition can make simple tasks uncomfortable and painful, like reaching above your head to pick up something off a shelf or walking up…

Is Popping Your Joints Bad for You

General | Jun 19, 2022

Is Popping Your Joints Bad for You?

For some people, cracking your joints is part of daily life. You may frequently find yourself cracking your knuckles throughout the day. Or perhaps you notice pops and cracks when you get out of bed first thing in the morning. Sometimes a friend or coworker might even hear your popping…

Plantar Fasciitis

General | Jun 19, 2022

Plantar Fasciitis: Causes, Signs, Treatments

Do you wake up in the morning with a stabbing foot pain as you take your first steps? Maybe the pain starts to lessen as you walk around and get moving. Or perhaps you feel a stabbing pain in your heels after you’ve been on your feet for a long…

Carpal Tunnel vs. Tendonitis Symptoms and Differences

Nerve Injuries | Jun 8, 2022

Carpal Tunnel vs. Tendonitis: Symptoms and Differences

Chances are that you know someone who has complained of carpal tunnel syndrome or done so yourself. While this condition is increasingly common, people often confuse other wrist pain with the specific diagnosis of carpal tunnel. Tendonitis, sprains, and other car accident injuries are commonly mistaken for carpal tunnel due…

About Herniated Discs 

Herniated Discs | May 27, 2022

How to Sleep with a Herniated Disc

If you are suffering from back and neck pain, one of the first suggestions you may hear is to rest. While giving the body time to recover in this way can be helpful, pain from a herniated disc may not be helped by lying down. In fact, sleeping is often…

Characteristics of Jaw Pain

General | May 17, 2022

Why Does My Jaw Hurt on One Side?

The experience of jaw pain can be unique as you may wonder whether the problem is rooted in the joints and muscles or in a dental issue. While this pain is not uncommon, it may feel more alarming when you have pain on only one side of your jaw. There…

Common Soft Tissue Injuries from Car Accidents

General | Apr 30, 2022

Common Soft Tissue Injuries from Car Accidents

Car accidents can turn your life into a distinct before and after time. Before your car accident, you probably weren’t thinking of police reports, lawyers, insurance, and doctors. In fact, it’s not uncommon for victims of car accident injuries to be so preoccupied with the stress of dealing with the…

Can Constipation Cause Back Pain

Back Pain | Apr 29, 2022

Can Constipation Cause Back Pain?

Becoming constipated is a common condition that most people will experience at some point in their lives, though for others, it can be a chronic problem. In some cases, constipation may be a symptom of other underlying health conditions, while in others, it is the cause of other problems. One…

How Long Does a Broken Hand Take to Heal

Accident Recovery | Apr 29, 2022

How Long Does a Broken Hand Take to Heal?

Of all the places to break a bone, our hand may feel like one of the most inconvenient, especially when it is your dominant hand. Whether you injure a finger or the bones in your palm, a broken hand can render you unable to perform normal daily tasks or even…

Can Carpal Tunnel Cause Neck Pain

Nerve Injuries | Apr 28, 2022

Can Carpal Tunnel Cause Neck Pain?

Many people spend hours each day working at a computer or working with their hands while on the job. From professional athletes to IT specialists, carpal tunnel syndrome can happen to anyone. Carpal tunnel syndrome refers to a condition that primarily affects the hand and wrist. When the median nerve…

Dos and Don’ts for Frozen Shoulder

Chiropractic, Shoulder Pain | Mar 31, 2022

Dos and Don’ts for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is the more common name for a condition called adhesive capsulitis. If you start to experience a reduced range of motion in your shoulder, then you may be dealing with frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder is common among people between the ages of 40 and 60 or if you…


General | Mar 29, 2022

12 Common Knee Injuries and Treatment

As chiropractors and physical therapists, we see dozens, if not hundreds, of knee injuries come through our offices every year, often seeking out car accident treatment. Whether you’ve been in a car accident or not, knee injuries are some of the most common injuries that Americans face. More than 10…


General | Mar 26, 2022

What Is the Fastest Way to Heal a Dislocated Shoulder?

A dislocated shoulder occurs when the bone in your upper arm is dislodged from the socket it is meant to rest in. The shoulder is the body’s most flexible and mobile joint, so dislocated shoulders happen more frequently than dislocations of any other joint in the body. Because of this,…

Neck Pain Two Years After a Car Accident

Accident Recovery, Neck Pain | Mar 23, 2022

Neck Pain Two Years After a Car Accident

A car accident can change your life forever, and certainly not for the better. Chronic pain is definitely not unheard of following a car accident, and one of the most common versions of this pain comes in the form of chronic neck pain. These aches and pains can seem endless…

What Kind of Doctor Treats Sciatica

General | Feb 28, 2022

What Kind of Doctor Treats Sciatica?

Sciatica is often known as some of the most excruciating back pain a person can suffer. When you are suffering from sciatica, one of your main priorities will be seeking care that can help alleviate the pain and return you to normal levels of activity. But you may wonder who…


Accident Prevention, Accident Recovery | Feb 28, 2022

Patellofemoral Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

If you’ve ever heard the term “jumper’s knee” or “runner’s knee,” then you have heard of patellofemoral syndrome. This condition describes pain that manifests in the front of the knee and around the kneecap. Anyone can suffer from this condition, though it is more common in athletes, and experience pain…


Accident Prevention, Accident Recovery | Feb 27, 2022

Shoulder Blade Pain: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Your shoulder blade is the triangular bone that forms the back of your shoulder and facilitates movement, making it a critical part of most everyday activities. When you experience pain in the shoulder blade, you may notice an inability to move your arms and complete other tasks. The causes of…


Accident Prevention, Accident Recovery | Feb 24, 2022

Can Stress Cause a Sore Throat?

The aftermath of a car accident can bring a lot of different emotions- fear, guilt, relief, anxiety. Along with managing these feelings, you are likely also dealing with a lot of logistical tasks like filing police reports, speaking to insurance, and seeking treatment for car accident injuries. In the midst…


Accident Prevention, Accident Recovery | Feb 10, 2022

How to Treat a Stiff Neck After Sleeping

At some point, we’ve all woken up with a stiff neck. While it may go away over time, the pain and lack of mobility can be unexpected and cause a lot of inconveniences. Despite these symptoms, most people will try to go about their normal daily routine and push past…