Hairline Ankle Fracture

General | Jan 18, 2023

How to Deal with a Hairline Ankle Fracture?                      

A hairline fracture refers to a specific type of broken bone where small cracks or thinning of the bone occurs. In fact, unlike other types of broken bones, it is possible to have a hairline fracture and not know it. When small cracks or thinning first occur, they may not…

Herniated Disc Risk Factors

General | Dec 15, 2022

Herniated Disc Risk Factors

The spine provides support and stability to the human body while also protecting the spinal cord and nerves. A column of bones called vertebrae make up the spine, separated by spongy discs that act as shock absorbers, known as spinal discs. The spine also has a complex and vital network…

Car Accident Doctors Approach Spinal Cord Injuries

General | Nov 15, 2022

How Do Car Accident Doctors Approach Spinal Cord Injuries?

There are many serious injuries that can be the result of experiencing a car accident. One of the most serious injuries that can occur from a car accident is a spinal cord injury. Not only is this type of injury extremely painful, but it can also be debilitating, affecting the…

Piriformis Syndrome

General | Nov 8, 2022

Is Piriformis Syndrome Linked to My Recent Accident?

The condition known as sciatica may be commonly known as a sharp pain that begins in the lower back and buttocks and can travel down the leg. But sometimes, there is a different type of pain that can be felt in the hip, buttocks, upper leg, or even lower in…

General | Oct 13, 2022

Top 8 Injuries from Bike Accidents

You may think of your childhood when hearing about a bike accident, but the truth is bicycle accidents are very common and often result in injuries. According to the CDC, there are over 130,000 accidents resulting in biking injuries every year. Of these accidents, nearly 1000 people die as a…

General | Oct 13, 2022

Keeping Yourself Safe from Aggressive Drivers

Picture this: You are driving home from work and eager to get some dinner. You feel your stomach rumbling and look forward to changing into comfortable clothes and spending time with your family. But before you can get there, you have to work your way through thirty minutes of rush-hour…

Risk Factors for Developing PTSD after a Car Accident

General | Sep 29, 2022

Dealing with Emotional and Mental Trauma After a Car Accident

A car accident can be a terrifying and painful experience that may result in emotional and mental trauma. Car accident trauma can be temporary and benign, or it may evolve into something more complicated. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a car accident is all too common, occurring in up to 42% of…

What Is a Bone Spur

General | Sep 26, 2022

Can a Car Accident Cause Bone Spurs?

When you think about car accident injuries, the obvious ones that come to mind are likely whiplash, broken bones, and concussions. You might also know from experience or know other people who have suffered a car accident injury that end up with back pain and neck pain after a wreck.…

Car Accident Aggravate a Pre-Existing Condition

Accident Prevention, General | Sep 22, 2022

Did a Car Accident Aggravate a Pre-Existing Condition?

Car accidents can occur at any time and impact anyone, even if the accident is not your fault. In the United States, about 6 million car accidents are reported annually. Car accidents can potentially worsen an injury or medical issue that you had already been dealing with prior to the accident.…

Car Accident Myths

Accident Recovery, General | Sep 16, 2022

The Top Five Car Accident Myths

Millions of people receive medical attention every year for car accident injuries, and yet there are still many myths and misconceptions regarding car accidents. Whether you were in a major crash or rear-ended by another driver, it’s important to make sure you get checked out by a specialist to make…

Steps to Take after a Slip and Fall Injury

General | Jul 19, 2022

8 Steps to Take after a Slip and Fall Injury

Slip and fall injuries can be painful, debilitating, and have long healing times. After a slip and fall accident, you may have minor injuries that heal quickly but can also be suffering from extended pain and discomfort. Slip and fall injuries can result in severe complex injuries that make getting back…

What Type of Doctor Should I See after a Car Accident

Accident Recovery, General | Jul 19, 2022

What Type of Doctor Should I See after a Car Accident?

Nearly three million Americans are treated in emergency rooms each year due to car accidents and associated trauma. While some car accident injuries are emergent and require a trip to the emergency room, others will linger and turn chronic as a result of needing ongoing treatment to successfully treat your…

Do I Know if My Back Pain Is Serious

Back Pain, General | Jul 17, 2022

How Do I Know if My Back Pain Is Serious?

Did you wake up this morning with back pain? Or perhaps you noticed back pain only when you went to pick up your child or head out for a run. No matter when back pain strikes, it can really impact your quality of life. While some aches and pains are…

Common Are Dashboard Knee Injuries

General, Knee Pain | Jul 17, 2022

How Common Are Dashboard Knee Injuries?

You typically don’t see a car accident coming, so when you don’t know it’s about to happen, you can’t brace yourself for the impact. The sudden surprise of a car accident is often what ends up leading to car accident injuries. In fact, knee pain is common for both drivers…

Need to Know About High Ankle Sprains

Conditions, General | Jun 29, 2022

What You Need to Know About High Ankle Sprains 

As one of the most common injuries across the United States, you have more than likely suffered from an ankle sprain before. Whether you tripped on a sidewalk or kicked a soccer ball at a bad angle, ankle sprains can be painful for anyone. However, you may not realize that…

Joint Pain

General | Jun 27, 2022

When to Push through Joint Pain and When to See a Doctor

You might not realize just how much you depend on your joints for everyday routines and activities until you start experiencing joint pain. An injury or health condition can make simple tasks uncomfortable and painful, like reaching above your head to pick up something off a shelf or walking up…

Is Popping Your Joints Bad for You

General | Jun 19, 2022

Is Popping Your Joints Bad for You?

For some people, cracking your joints is part of daily life. You may frequently find yourself cracking your knuckles throughout the day. Or perhaps you notice pops and cracks when you get out of bed first thing in the morning. Sometimes a friend or coworker might even hear your popping…

Plantar Fasciitis

General | Jun 19, 2022

Plantar Fasciitis: Causes, Signs, Treatments

Do you wake up in the morning with a stabbing foot pain as you take your first steps? Maybe the pain starts to lessen as you walk around and get moving. Or perhaps you feel a stabbing pain in your heels after you’ve been on your feet for a long…

Nerve Injuries | Jun 8, 2022

Carpal Tunnel vs. Tendonitis: Symptoms and Differences

Chances are that you know someone who has complained of carpal tunnel syndrome or done so yourself. While this condition is increasingly common, people often confuse other wrist pain with the specific diagnosis of carpal tunnel. Tendonitis, sprains, and other car accident injuries are commonly mistaken for carpal tunnel due…

About Herniated Discs 

Herniated Discs | May 27, 2022

How to Sleep with a Herniated Disc

If you are suffering from back and neck pain, one of the first suggestions you may hear is to rest. While giving the body time to recover in this way can be helpful, pain from a herniated disc may not be helped by lying down. In fact, sleeping is often…

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