Chiropractic Treatment For Torn Rotator Cuffs

Damaging your shoulders can put a crimp in your daily routine. From the simplest activities to any and all types of physical actions, your regular regimen quickly becomes jeopardized when you experience a rotator cuff tear.

If you injure or tear your rotator cuff – call our Jonesboro Chiropractors for immediate treatment.

Treating Torn Rotator Cuffs in Jonesboro

There are surgical and nonsurgical alternatives when it comes to caring for most rotator cuff injuries.
Our practitioners prepare individualized treatment plans based on the specific characteristics of each patient’s signs of illness and overall condition.
Some of the determinants our doctors consider when developing a unique treatment plan include:

  • Your age.
  • The type of limitation your tear presents.
  • The type of tear you’ve experienced (chronic vs. acute).
  • The type of activities you often participate in.
  • The extent of your tear.

Nonsurgical Treatment Options

Most Chiropractic treatment options for torn rotator cuffs focus primarily on alleviating any related pain.
Once your noticeable pain is taken care of, most doctors recommend some type of physical therapy that aims to broaden your range of motion, as well as increase strength in the tendons and muscles surrounding your shoulder blades.
Depending on the extent of your discomfort, you may receive a prescription anti-inflammatory that helps decrease the amount of swelling that occurs.

Common Symptoms Associated With Torn Rotator Cuffs

Most of our patients dealing with torn rotator cuffs often experience any number of negative and/or painful side effects, such as:

  • Deep, dull aching pain rooted in the shoulder.
  • A disturbance in regular sleep patterns.
  • Inability to follow through with basic tasks like putting on a shirt or combing your hair.
  • Depleting strength.

If you notice a significant or complete loss in your ability to move your injured shoulder(s), make sure you schedule an appointment with one of our Chiropractors as soon as possible.
Any type or level of pain that exists for more than two to three days is symptomatic of some type of significant injury that, if left untreated, could result in permanent or long-term injury. Additionally, pain that lasts for more than two to three weeks may be indicative deep damage that requires the skillset of a shoulder specialist, and perhaps even surgery.

Common Causes Of Torn Rotator Cuffs

The most common causes of torn rotator cuffs is some type of degenerative shoulder injury.
Most people who:

  • Lift heavy objects for extended periods of time
  • Perform some type of repetitive activity that requires them to steadily raise their arms and shoulders
  • Suffer from bone spurs

tend to ultimately tear their rotator cuff(s).

Common Risk Factors

If you identify with one or more of the following characteristics, the risk of tearing your rotator cuff at some point increases substantially:

Specific Types of Physical Activity

If you are an athlete who continuously uses your arms (e.g. archers, tennis players, or baseball pitchers), you at an increased risk of tearing your rotator cuff than those who don’t participate in these types of activities.

Older Age

If you are aged 40 or over, the risk of tearing your rotator cuff increases considerably.


Doctors have observed a genetic element that indicates certain DNA lines are more susceptible to tearing their rotator cuffs than others.

People Who Work In Some Type of Construction Job

Career fields like house painting, construction, or carpentry tend to use continuous, repetitive arm motions, most of which are over the individual’s head. This practice can possibly damage the rotator cuff over a continued period of time.

Contact AICA Jonesboro For Immediate Pain Relief

The majority of the time, patients who visit our office concerned about a torn rotator cuff are frequently incorrect in their personal diagnosis. Tearing does not occur nearly as frequently as it seems. What’s more, tears that do occur are often incomplete. Instead, they are irritated, inflamed, and/or weakened by some type of jolt you initially experienced.
Whatever the actual status of your shoulders during the time that you experience some form of discomfort or pain, giving yourself time to rest and relax is the best way to allow the healing process to begin. In addition to R & R, you or someone on your behalf should contact our office to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
Allowing any type of shoulder pain to continue can lead to permanent or long-term damage, leaving you completely incapable of lifting or moving your arms. Our team of skilled professionals treat hundreds of shoulder injuries each year and can prepare an individualized treatment plan that is in line with your condition.
We can also suggest specific exercise routines that you can complete at home, allowing you to heal at a faster pace and return to your everyday routine sooner. We are available 24/7 to answer any of the questions you may have regarding insurance coverage or treatment, or setup an appointment.
If needed, we can provide you with trustworthy transportation to and from our Jonesboro office in case you are unable to drive yourself because of your injury. Please call us at (404) 602-0387 or visit our office located at:
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