AICA Jonesboro features the latest in advanced technological imaging equipment which allows us to provide our patients with a full service spinal and orthopedic procedure center. We specialize in diagnosis and treatment of head and spine and joint injury – from your neck to the pelvis, knees and beyond.
This includes all of the issues that may come with acute and chronic spine and joint debilitation, such as headaches, pain, motor impairment, neurological issues and assessment. Our team includes chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists and neurosurgeons.

We Work from the top down

After an injury, 80 percent of headaches are associated with problems in the cervical spine so treatment plans are designed around the nerve and motor functionality of your neck. Your hands, arms, shoulders respiratory system and diaphragm can become affected if injuries have been sustained in the area of the thoracic spine.
The spine is a system in which ties together the entire skeletal frame of your body but the spinal cord is the control panel where the majority of one’s nerve roots stems are found and this area becomes a top priority when creating a treatment plan for the spine.
Our cutting edge chiropractors work simultaneously with anesthesiologists to bring you the most up to date spinal procedures and interventions. We can take you from assessment and low impact treatment using graduated methods that are the most likely to remove pain and ease injured tissue with the least amount of invasive techniques.
Our first line of defense for treatment can be compiled of adjustments, exercise and physical therapy as well as cold laser treatments but if a patient finds no relief in those methods our anesthesiologists inject your spine with a facet block. If that does not provide success then a radiofrequency ablation can be performed as can an epidural with X-ray fluoroscopy to limit the intervention. These types of treatments are geared to healing your pain with hopes of eradicating the discomfort completely.
Our cutting edge doctors won’t stop at ordinary treatments, they push themselves to find state of the art procedures to bring you relief from your pain. Our Jonesboro Chiropractors have begun using a treatment called kyphoplasty which repairs the crushed vertebrae with cement and a balloon which allows for pain to diminish and the spine to restore itself to its natural height.


When you find yourself in need of an orthopedic procedure, turn to AICA Jonesboro for all your orthopedic needs. Our specialists will create a care plan that best fits your needs for your fractures which may include the need for casting and monitoring. We also provide support for those who have suffered an injury which resulted in joint dislocation, providing reduction and follow up treatment as well as intra articular joint injections.


We at AICA Jonesboro know that accidents are never planned and injuries disrupt your busy lives, so we pride ourselves on being one of the only clinic with two in-house MRI machines and a CT machine, which allows us to have extremely fast patient turnaround time that not only get our Chiropractors the information they need to help you but also provides you with a quick and accurate diagnosis.
To deliver you the best care, we have procured these costly devices and placed them in one location at our clinic so you may receive your complete care in one location, saving you time and money.
With our combined excellence in staff and our state of the art medical equipment,we will get right to the root of problem to provide you relief from your injury or chronic pain. Everyone of our career chiropractors have specialized exclusively in their areas of expertise in both their residencies and fellowships which provides our patients with the best in the greater Atlanta area.


Sometimes a doctor’s physical checkup and imaging analysis isn’t enough. If you’re experiencing certain kinds of joint, muscle or nerve pain, you may be in need of diagnostics.
We feature the standards that you’ll find at every major hospital, which includes EMG (muscle) and NVC (nerve) testing.

Inclusive Approach

With our inclusive approach of all our specialties under one roof, we can provide you with a fast and accurate diagnosis. Our office also offer third party billing and accepts most insurance plans.
If your injury was sustained in an accident and you are unable to reach us, don’t worry, we will provide you with transportation so that you are able to receive the best care that you deserve.
Call our Jonesboro chiropractors at (404) 602-0387 today to learn more about our office, team, or approach to personal health!