13 Fun Facts About Chiropractic Care

Jan 24, 2021

13-Fun-Facts-About-Chiropractic-CareYou may know some basic facts about chiropractic care, like that it’s often used to treat back pain and other conditions. But the practice has a long and rich history, and many people are surprised to learn some of the ways chiropractic care has been proven helpful over the years. We’ve compiled some fun and interesting facts about chiropractic care, then and now, to help you get a better understanding of what a Jonesboro chiropractor can do for you.

  1. The first known adjustment was performed in 1895 by a man named Daniel David Palmer. He is known to be the inventor of modern chiropractic are and performed an adjustment on a janitor named Harvey Lillard. Lillard had suffered a back injury 17 years prior and lost his hearing, which was regained after his work with Palmer.
  2. The word “chiropractic” is a combination of two words with Grecian origins. “Cheir” means hand, while “Praktos” means done. Together, the word chiropractic loosely translates to “done by hand” which is pretty accurate!
  3. To become a Doctor of Chiropractic, you must first complete an undergraduate degree and then enter a 4-year doctoral graduate school program. During this program, you will go through a minimum of 4,200 hours worth of classroom time and clinical internships during their training to become a chiropractor.
  4. It is estimated there are about 100,000 actively practicing Doctors of Chiropractic across the world today, with about 10,000 students currently enrolled in educational programs in the United States alone.
  5. Just in the United States, it is estimated that about 35 million people each year are treated by a chiropractor. That includes adults, children, and even infants!
  6.  All 32 teams on the National Football League keep a chiropractor on staff to treat their players. These chiropractors can not only address injuries, but are used to keep players healthy between seasons, improve their flexibility and range of motion, and prevent any work injuries from occurring as they play sports.
  7. A chiropractic adjustment is the mechanism most chiropractors use to help align and heal the spine. Using their hands, a table, and perhaps an instrument, the chiropractors will gently and precisely manipulate your spine to help it become better aligned.
  8. Your spine and your brain make up your central nervous system, which controls most of your body. When the spine is aligned and functioning properly, your nerves are able to properly carry messages throughout your body, leading to optimal function. A misalignment can prevent this from happening, which is why adjustments are so important.
  9. Adjustments sometimes cause a “popping” sound in your back that may scare some patients. It can sound like your bone is being cracked, but in reality, this sound is simply air escaping from your joints where it has built up. You will not always hear this sound, but that doesn’t make the adjustment more or less effective.
  10. Most adjustments are painless because the force applied to the spine, joints, and musculoskeletal system is controlled and designed to be extremely gentle. Some people may experience soreness as injuries heal and the body becomes used to its new alignment, but you should not expect to feel pain as a part of the process.
  11. While most people visit a chiropractor to address back pain or problems, chiropractors are actually able to treat many more conditions than just those in the back. Adjustments can be used to manage both chronic and acute illness, improve posture, heal and prevent future injuries, and even to address the most common injuries sustained from car accidents. A lot of chiropractic care focuses on general health and wellness that prevents you from needing more invasive medical care in the future.
  12. One thing that chiropractic care offers is corrective treatment, addressing any misalignments or injuries. But many people visit the chiropractor as a form of preventative healthcare.
  13. Chiropractors often work with other experts to create treatment plans that are comprehensive and holistic. Physical therapists, pain management specialists, orthopedists, and neurologists may all be a part of a chiropractor’s network so that they can ensure a patient is getting the full spectrum of care that they need. They may also work with radiologists and advanced diagnostic imaging tools to aid with diagnoses.

Whether you have suffered an injury or are in need of preventive care, AICA Jonesboro is here for you. Our Jonesboro chiropractors are experts in the practice and will work with you and other specialists to develop a care plan that is right for you and your body’s needs. Contact us today for your first appointment with a Jonesboro chiropractor!


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