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Herniated Discs | Dec 7, 2015

Treating Herniated Discs with Chiropractic Care

Your spinal discs consist of two specific parts: The Nucleus Pulpous – The inner layer that’s located in the center of your disc and appears as some type of jelly-like substance. The Annulus Fibrosis – The outer layer that appears as a thick ligament. Both parts assist with the mobility…

Accident Recovery, Back Pain, Chiropractic, Herniated Discs, Injury Recovery, Jonesboro Accidents | Aug 15, 2016

Should I Get a Chiropractic Adjustment After a Car Accident?

After an auto accident, one of the first things you should do is schedule an appointment with your chiropractor. Chiropractic care can often reduce or eliminate pain due to accident-related trauma. AICA's Jonesboro Chiropractor Clinic offers a range of chiropractic and therapeutic services designed to treat whiplash and other post-accident…


Back Pain, Herniated Discs | Oct 20, 2020

What Happens if a Herniated Disc Goes Untreated?

While having a herniated disc is not an uncommon injury, it can be extremely uncomfortable and even lead to chronic issues in the future. The best way to prevent a simple disc injury from becoming a lifelong problem is to seek treatment early from an experienced Jonesboro chiropractor. With gentle…

About Herniated Discs 

Herniated Discs | May 27, 2022

How to Sleep with a Herniated Disc

If you are suffering from back and neck pain, one of the first suggestions you may hear is to rest. While giving the body time to recover in this way can be helpful, pain from a herniated disc may not be helped by lying down. In fact, sleeping is often…

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