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Nerve Injuries | May 20, 2021

What Can a Pinched Nerve Lead to If Not Treated?

Have you ever sat in one position for too long, then noticed that your foot felt numb and like it was full of pins and needles? If so, you’ve experienced a short-lived version of a pinched nerve. A more serious pinched nerve may not resolve with simple movement, but it…


Nerve Injuries, Neurology | Aug 5, 2021

Spine Surgeon vs Neurosurgeon vs Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

When it comes to getting the quality and comprehensive care you need, you want to meet with the most appropriate doctor for your injury or health condition. Spinal injuries and conditions require specialized treatment and care. If you are in need of surgery for a spinal injury or condition, then…

Can Carpal Tunnel Cause Neck Pain

Nerve Injuries | Apr 28, 2022

Can Carpal Tunnel Cause Neck Pain?

Many people spend hours each day working at a computer or working with their hands while on the job. From professional athletes to IT specialists, carpal tunnel syndrome can happen to anyone. Carpal tunnel syndrome refers to a condition that primarily affects the hand and wrist. When the median nerve…

Nerve Injuries | Jun 8, 2022

Carpal Tunnel vs. Tendonitis: Symptoms and Differences

Chances are that you know someone who has complained of carpal tunnel syndrome or done so yourself. While this condition is increasingly common, people often confuse other wrist pain with the specific diagnosis of carpal tunnel. Tendonitis, sprains, and other car accident injuries are commonly mistaken for carpal tunnel due…

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