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General | Mar 20, 2020

Covid 19 Update

Injury Treatment at AICA During Outbreak To Our Valued Patients, As you know, we deeply care about the wellbeing and safety of each of our patients, and that sentiment continues as we navigate this new virus. AICA Orthopedics will continue to serve car accident and personal injury victims during this…

Is a Chiropractor Considered a Doctor

General | Dec 26, 2020

Is a Chiropractor Considered a Doctor?

Sometimes when traditional doctors are unable to give you the relief you need from your pain and discomfort, you might consider seeing a chiropractor. If you have chronic back pain from an old injury or get a stiff neck after hunching over your computer all day, you might find yourself…

8 Questions to Ask When You First Meet with an Orthopedic Surgeon

General | Nov 2, 2021

8 Questions to Ask When You First Meet with an Orthopedic Surgeon

Visiting any doctor for the first time can be overwhelming, confusing, or even scary- and when that doctor is a surgeon, this is even more true. One thing that can help is going into your appointment with a list of questions so that you don’t forget anything important while feeling…

How to Relieve Rotator Cuff Pain at Night

General | Jan 15, 2022

How to Relieve Rotator Cuff Pain at Night

The pain of a torn rotator cuff can be excruciating, especially at night. You may make it throughout the day with little to no pain, but then when night comes, it can be pretty extreme. Rotator cuff pain seems to flare up at night, making it hard to get the…

What Kind of Doctor Treats Sciatica

General | Feb 28, 2022

What Kind of Doctor Treats Sciatica?

Sciatica is often known as some of the most excruciating back pain a person can suffer. When you are suffering from sciatica, one of your main priorities will be seeking care that can help alleviate the pain and return you to normal levels of activity. But you may wonder who…


General | Mar 26, 2022

What Is the Fastest Way to Heal a Dislocated Shoulder?

A dislocated shoulder occurs when the bone in your upper arm is dislodged from the socket it is meant to rest in. The shoulder is the body’s most flexible and mobile joint, so dislocated shoulders happen more frequently than dislocations of any other joint in the body. Because of this,…


General | Mar 29, 2022

12 Common Knee Injuries and Treatment

As chiropractors and physical therapists, we see dozens, if not hundreds, of knee injuries come through our offices every year, often seeking out car accident treatment. Whether you’ve been in a car accident or not, knee injuries are some of the most common injuries that Americans face. More than 10…

Common Soft Tissue Injuries from Car Accidents

General | Apr 30, 2022

Common Soft Tissue Injuries from Car Accidents

Car accidents can turn your life into a distinct before and after time. Before your car accident, you probably weren’t thinking of police reports, lawyers, insurance, and doctors. In fact, it’s not uncommon for victims of car accident injuries to be so preoccupied with the stress of dealing with the…

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