3 Reasons to Visit a Jonesboro Chiropractor after a Car Accident

Feb 24, 2017

Jonesboro Car Accident Injury Chiropractors | AICA JonesboroIf you are involved in a car accident, emotions will surely be running high, which can make it easy to ignore the most common symptoms of injuries sustained in collisions.

Failure to see a Jonesboro car accident injury Chiropractor even after a minor incident could prove costly in the end, as you could end up with a chronic condition that takes years to heal and costs thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Jonesboro Chiropractic Treatment for Car Accident Injuries

Medication and surgery are typically the “go-to” treatments for victims of car accidents, but a better alternative may be to visit a chiropractor.

These professionals may not only allow you to enjoy a pain-free life but perhaps also prevent serious chronic conditions from taking hold.

Below, we offer three reasons why you should get in touch with a chiropractor following a car accident.

1. Injuries Are Not Always Obvious

While bruises, cuts, and broken bones are easy to spot, conditions such as whiplash are not always evident in the immediate aftermath of an accident.

If you are involved in an automobile accident, your adrenaline levels will spike, which could mask pain and other symptoms.

Pains, aches, and swelling tend to reveal themselves when the body calms down.

This could take a day or two, but for whiplash sufferers, it may take longer for symptoms such as blurred vision, neck pain, headaches, dizziness, and stiff neck to become apparent.

2. Treatments Are Non-invasive

If you wait too long to get treatment or the pain becomes too much to bear, you may be tempted to opt for surgery, but this is a costly and often the wrong choice.

For example, up to 90 percent of the 500,000+ disk operations carried out in the United States annually are ineffective according to research. Lumbar Spinal Fusion surgery costs an average of $34,500 while decompression surgery costs approximately $24,000.

Invasive surgery should only be considered as a last resort.

If you are suffering from back pain following a car accident, visit a chiropractor, as he or she can use spinal adjustments to realign the joints of the spine to promote healing and significantly reduce pain.

3. Avoid Needless Pain Medication

Pain medication is sometimes necessary; for example, Ibuprofen can prove to be an effective short-term solution if you suffer from swelling and inflammation.

However, too many Americans are inclined to reach for pills whenever they feel a slight ache or pain. Pain medication can also mask injuries, which delays healing.

Additionally, medication can be addictive and impair your judgment, especially when you are behind the wheel of a car. Once you become too dependent on painkillers, you may experience withdrawal symptoms and more pain when you cease taking them.

Chiropractic care offers effective pain management without the need for addictive painkillers.

Techniques such as spinal manipulation, stretching, and massage can reduce pain, heal your body, increase blood flow, and strengthen your muscles.


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