Common Mistakes When Dealing with Doctors after a Car Accident

Aug 9, 2013

Visiting a doctor after an auto accident injury is essential, as this information will be needed to prove your case in order to seek fair compensation. However, many people make mistakes when it comes to dealing with a Jonesboro third party doctor. Some of the more common mistakes to avoid when seeking medical treatment after a car accident are outlined below.

Failing to Get Medical Attention Immediately After an Accident

Typically, the victim has the responsibility to prove that he or she was injured in a car accident. Most juries and insurance companies believe that if you weren’t injured to the point where you needed immediate medical attention then you weren’t injured badly enough to require financial compensation.

Missing Appointments

When an insurance company views your medical records, they will see the skipped medical appointments, and they will then interpret this as noncompliance. They will then attempt to prove that you were not fully committed to recovering or that you were never severely injured to begin with.

Failing to Take Medication

It is essential to follow the instructions of your doctor in regards to taking prescribed medications. If you are experiencing side effects due to a medication, consult your physician rather than choosing to stop taking it.

Not Informing Your Doctor about How Your Injury Has Affected Your Ability to Work

If an accident injury has made it difficult for you to do your job, it is essential that you report this to your doctor. This information will then make it into your medical records so that documentation is available for your insurance company.

Failing to Have Your Pain Documented Accurately in Your Records

Both juries and insurance companies will rely on your medical records to judge your level of pain, and they will examine these records to see how soon after your injury you reported your pain. Keep a daily journal of your pain and other symptoms and then give it to your physician at your first appointment.


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