Is a Chiropractor Considered a Doctor?

Dec 26, 2020

Is a Chiropractor Considered a DoctorSometimes when traditional doctors are unable to give you the relief you need from your pain and discomfort, you might consider seeing a chiropractor. If you have chronic back pain from an old injury or get a stiff neck after hunching over your computer all day, you might find yourself looking for a chiropractor in Jonesboro for another possible way to experience healing and relief.  If you feel anxious about whether a chiropractor is considered a doctor, then here are some important facts about chiropractors that can help ease your concerns.

Chiropractors Are Certified Medical Providers

While chiropractors are not considered medical doctors, they are certified medical providers. Those who go to medical school plan to become physicians, while those who want to become chiropractors attend school specifically for chiropractic. Both types of students will complete an undergraduate degree, generally in an area of the sciences, before continuing their education. Those who attend a school for chiropractic education and receive a chiropractic degree complete clinical hours and internships where they get hands-on experience in using chiropractic methods to treat a variety of ailments and injuries.

Chiropractors Treat Illness and Injury

Contrary to what some may think, chiropractors do more than just help with back pain! In fact, chiropractors in Jonesboro can treat all kinds of illnesses and injuries. The science behind chiropractic care is that proper alignment of your bones and muscles will help your body to heal itself. Your body’s nervous system actually runs through the spinal column and the idea is that making adjustments to your spine can help your brain to better communicate to the rest of your body. When you are sick or injured, chiropractors use gentle adjustment techniques on the vertebrae of your spine and the muscles that support it to help restore proper alignment.

Chiropractors Promote Healing

When it comes to treating patients, chiropractors focus on you as a whole and how your illness or injury is causing you pain and disrupting your life. Instead of focusing on the disease, your chiropractor will help to relieve any pain you are experiencing and to help improve your body’s functioning. Chiropractors in Jonesboro are trained and skilled in finding any dysfunctions in your spine or joints and then use natural, drug-free therapies to restore proper functioning. If your spine is out of alignment then the muscles in that area may be working overtime to support this unhealthy posture. Chiropractic adjustments can help realign the spine and also alleviate any related muscle tension.

Chiropractic adjustments and other techniques can also help restore healthy blood flow to areas, bringing fresh oxygen, and promoting healing in your body. When you are very sore after a strenuous workout or activity, you might find a warm compress soothing to your muscles. That is because warmth encourages blood flow to the area. Similarly, chiropractic adjustments encourage healthy blood flow by restoring parts of your spine that may be slightly out of place. Healthy blood flow promotes healing and allows for stiff muscles or other injured tissues to be repaired naturally. In order to help your body function at its best, your chiropractor will use techniques to help relieve the stress and strain on your body, which can also help alleviate your pain. All chiropractic techniques are medication-free and instead focus on helping your body to help heal itself and function at its best.

Chiropractors Can Have Specialties

It’s important to know how to pick a good chiropractor for your condition. All chiropractors are trained to treat a wide variety of common ailments and injuries, but some choose to further specialize in certain areas. For example, some chiropractors choose to specialize in car accident injuries. The neck and back are most commonly affected in a car accident and chiropractic care is a great, non-invasive approach to treatment for all kinds of car accident injuries. From whiplash to herniated discs, chiropractors have the knowledge and expertise to use natural methods that will encourage healing and alleviate your pain after a car accident.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and are looking for a natural, holistic approach to treating your car accident injury, a chiropractor in Jonesboro can help. AICA Orthopedics in Jonesboro has a team of skilled chiropractors who can help with any type of car accident injury. The chiropractors at the Jonesboro clinic can also provide chiropractic care for your back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and other issues you may be dealing with. Whether you have exhausted all other types of medical care or not, give chiropractic care a try and experience for yourself how your body can heal itself and you can get back to living your life pain-free.


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