Jonesboro Chiropractic Treatment For Chronic Back Pain

Aug 23, 2017

Treating Chronic Back Pain In Jonesboro Georgia | AICA JonesboroThe vertebrae, flexible tendons, and ligaments that exist within the spine are sensitive to sudden trauma, as well as tension that gradually builds over time. The spinal cord passes through the column of bones and nerves that help transfer information from the brain and to the rest of the body. When interferences or subluxations develop as a result of trauma or stress, many of your natural abilities can diminish, and a series of health complications can arise.

Our Jonesboro Chiropractors help thousands of patients overcome chronic back pain and injuries each year. The holistic treatment solutions we use are safe and work with the body’s natural ability to heal itself, which allows us to provide pain relief without exposing you to resources that contain adverse side effects. Contact us today for immediate back pain relief.

Define: The Spine

Your spinal system is strong enough to protect the sensitive nerve roots that travel through your vertebrae, as well as flexible enough for you to be able to follow through with everyday activities like walking, running, lifting heavy objects, and twisting your waist.

Between each vertebra are discs, which consist of spongy pads that are filled with fluid. These discs help absorb the impact of your movements. As you grow older, the fluid within each disc naturally hardens to the point where it resembles a hard piece of rubber. When this condition exists, usually around the time most people reach their 40s, it creates an environment that’s vulnerable to damage and injury.

Back Pain

Each person throughout the greater Jonesboro community will experience back pain during their life. Misalignment that occurs as a result of direct trauma or ongoing stress causes significant nerve irritation and pain. Accident injuries, lifting heavy weight, or other unknown sources can cause spinal disc herniation, which is often addressed as a “slipped” or “bulging” disc. When you experience chronic back pain, being able to diagnose the source of your condition and receive treatment as early as possible is imperative for preventing other chronic conditions or permanent damage from developing.

Maximizing Your Spinal Health

There are a variety of ways that people throughout Jonesboro can support their spinal health, most of which are practical and easy to apply. For instance, wearing appropriate gear like a safety belt when lifting heavy objects help keeps your back in a set position and reduces the risk of twisting awkwardly. Other lifestyle adjustments like quitting smoking, consuming a healthy, balanced diet, and remaining mindful of your posture are also helpful for preventing chronic back pain.

Back pain is the most popular reason why people visit our Chiropractic Clinic, although it doesn’t have to be a permanent part of your life. Most back conditions respond well to proactive treatment with research showing Chiropractic Care is the most sought after alternative medicine for such injuries and pain. With Chiropractic Treatment provided by AICA Jonesboro, gentle spinal adjustments that are applied to misalignments can help restore mobility within the spine and eliminate nerve irritation.

Maintaining a healthy spine is imperative for overall wellness. Livin with a normal spine and healthy nervous system allows you to feel and perform at your best. Accident injuries, lifestyle adjustments, and age can affect the integrity of your spine, but Chiropractic Treatment can help address painful symptoms and help you keep a balanced system for years to come.

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