Kids Need Chiropractic Care After Car Accidents Too

Apr 14, 2021

Kids Need Chiropractic Care After Car Accidents TooWe often forget what it’s like to be a child and just how different they can be from adults. Many of these differences are things we can’t see, like the way the body grows and reacts to trauma. Just because you are okay after a car accident doesn’t necessarily mean your child is okay, too. It’s easy to assume children are resilient and heal quickly, so many people don’t bring them when they visit a chiropractor in Jonesboro after a car crash, but children are susceptible in many unique ways. These misconceptions can lead to more serious issues in your child’s future if they go untreated.

Common Myths About Children in Car Accidents

#1: Children Will Tell You If They’re Injured

Even for adults, it can be difficult to express how your body is feeling or what symptoms you may be experiencing. Children may struggle even more with this, even if they are technically old enough to speak. You can monitor your kids for changes in behavior, movement, mood, or physical appearance to see if there is anything that indicates an injury has occurred. However, symptoms from car accident injuries may not even appear for days or weeks following the event, so monitoring is not enough. Visiting a chiropractor in Jonesboro is the only way to ensure a child is completely evaluated for any injuries without relying on their communication skills.

#2: Children Are More Resilient Than Adults

This can certainly be true in some ways but is not a protective factor where car accidents are concerned. In fact, certain elements of a child’s body make them more likely to suffer certain types of injuries. Children do not have the same muscle mass that adults do to protect them, making them smaller and weaker in some ways. This leaves them susceptible to whiplash injuries because of the lack of muscle tone.

#3: Children Heal Faster Than Adults

Again, this is true in certain cases- for example, cuts often heal quickly as children regenerate skin more easily than their adult counterparts. But the fact that children are still growing means some injuries, like broken bones in children, may actually be less likely to heal. Because of the constant physical changes, injuries that would otherwise heal quickly in an adult can be worsened by the shifts in the spine, or the healing process can be impeded by new growth.

#4: Chiropractic Care Isn’t For Children

Many people hesitate to take their child to a chiropractor as they think they are an “adult” doctor. But not only do chiropractors often treat children, but they can also be preferred providers. A chiropractor uses natural methods of healing, rather than relying on medications and surgeries, that can be safer for children. Additionally, because children tend to have less wear and tear on their bodies, they respond quickly to chiropractic adjustments and can address the root cause of their injury.

Reducing Injury Risk in Children

One key difference between children and adults when it comes to car accidents is the ability to add additional layers of protection. Seatbelts are extremely important safety devices and can reduce the risk of death and serious injury by 50% in all passengers. But for children, we have safety devices that make them even safer.

In infants and small children, car seats can reduce the risk of injury during an accident by up to 82% compared to seatbelts alone, while booster seats in older children reduce the risk by 45%. The type and size of the vehicle you drive can also increase or decrease these risks.

It is important that all safety devices are used according to guidelines, as an improperly installed car seat or booster seat can lead to more injuries instead of fewer.

Treating Children for Car Accident Injuries

Because injuries may not be readily apparent, it is important to take your child to a professional as soon as possible following your accident. Even if they seem completely okay, an expert chiropractor will know exactly what to look for based on the details of your accident. They will likely perform a thorough physical examination and assessment tests and may ask about symptoms to the extent possible based on your child’s age. From there, they can determine what type of imaging is needed or if there is a diagnosis that fits your child. Treatment plans will be created with your child’s age and mental and physical abilities in mind.

If your child needs to see a chiropractor in Jonesboro following a car accident, AICA Jonesboro offers expertise and multiple specialties to create custom treatment plans for your child. Do not hesitate to call AICA Jonesboro today to ensure your child’s health.


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