Safely Recover From A Car Accident With Jonesboro Chiropractic Treatment

Apr 14, 2017

Safely Recover From A Car Accident With Jonesboro Chiropractic Treatment | AICA JonesboroCar accidents can take place at any moment and can cause some injuries that range from Whiplash to fractured bones.

Accident victims who sustain such injuries may require extensive treatment in order to return to their routine.

Considering the types of pain management and injury solutions that exist, Chiropractic is the only answer when it comes to receiving natural treatment that doesn’t consist of addictive pills or invasive surgery.

Jonesboro Chiropractic Care for Pain Relief

Traditional approaches to treating car accident injuries include various solutions that contain severe side effects.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has urged medical practitioners to give their patients safer alternatives for dealing with pain, citing Chiropractic as the preferred option.

Many medical professionals are now pointing to Chiropractic therapy as a way to reduce the use of prescription medications, as well as prevent addiction.

Before we can determine which treatment solution is appropriate for addressing your condition, you will need to go through a complete examination conducted by one of our experienced Jonesboro Chiropractors.

Depending on the outcome, they may recommend imaging scans to determine the source of your pain, as well as to understand the extent of any head trauma you may have sustained.

Jonesboro Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash

After an auto collision, our Chiropractors routinely treat Whiplash Injury based on the how the impact of an accident often forces your head to lunge forward and then backward suddenly.

This type of immediate force easily causes your neck tissue to stretch beyond its limits and tear. Although symptoms are not always immediately apparent, Whiplash is a serious condition that can cause other chronic conditions to develop over time.

To treat Whiplash, our Chiropractors can provide manual adjustments that help reduce inflammation, while also realigning damaged tendons and muscles to their natural positions.

Aside from administering spinal manipulations, our Jonesboro Chiropractors may also recommend adding physical therapy and specialized exercises to your treatment routine to support the recovery process.

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If you are hurt in a car accident, contact our AICA Jonesboro clinic as soon as possible to prevent further damage from taking place.

Our car accident injury Chiropractors can follow through with a complete examination to locate the source of your pain, as well as determine the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

We are available Monday through Sunday and can answer any question you have twenty-four hours a day.

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