What Services Does a Chiropractic Clinic Provide?

Jul 7, 2016

Joint, Hand, and Spine Pain | AICA JonesboroMedical doctors can’t heal everything.

Certain problems in your body need specialists, like back pain. Ask your medical doctor about that, and you’ll get pain pills and a referral to a specialist, like a Jonesboro chiropractic clinic or a spinal surgeon.

And that’s a good thing.

Medical doctors can refer patients to chiropractors – and chiropractors can refer patients to medical doctors.

Chiropractors are sometimes the first medical providers to suspect a problem with the thyroid gland. (One reason is because thyroid trouble induces symptoms of physical pain in the muscular-skeletal system, for which sufferers seek chiropractic treatment.) Most chiropractors will refer a suspected thyroid issue to a medical doctor for prescriptive treatment.

That’s another good thing.

Chiropractors cannot give prescription medications, but many have training in nutritional supplements. This fits their role as more natural healers, harnessing the systems of the patient’s own body.

But what else can you expect when you visit a chiropractor?


What Else Can I Do at the Chiropractor?

People go to the chiropractor to treat pain and abnormalities in the spine, joints and pelvis, as well as to treat a variety of pains around the body that could be caused by nerve pressure sourced in the spinal column.

This treatment can lead to a restoration of pain-free movement. It can also halt the need for more intensive procedures, or push it further into the future.

X-ray and MRI Imaging at the Chiropractor’s Office

When you first go to a chiropractor, typically you will receive an X-ray. If you don’t want one, you can always say so. The need for it will depend on the pain or injury and, the opinion of your chiropractor.

However, if you have only a soft tissue injury (not a structural bone or joint problem), the MRI is your best bet for actually finding it. That’s because X-rays only show bone – not soft tissue. Many who have been in an accident want proof of a soft tissue injury for the insurance company, but that’s difficult when your only symptom is pain.

The solution is to get an MRI, which has the capacity to detect abnormalities in your soft-tissue and provide evidence, over and above your own testimony – and proves you are indeed injured.


What is the Difference Between a Family Clinic and a Chiropractic Network?

You won’t find an MRI at the hospital as an emergency room service, but you can get an MRI at the leading chiropractic clinic networks in Atlanta. In fact, it’s the standard practice.

The larger clinics also provide MRI documentation that may support your legal case, and they can ensure that these are up to legal standards. Typically, that’s not offered in a hospital.

In addition to chiropractic, larger clinics or clinic networks may offer access to orthopedic doctors and anesthesiologists. These specialists can provide facet joint injections, muscle and nerve tests and more intensive procedures when warranted.

To get more from your chiropractic visit, including MRI and Cold Laser therapy, call AICA of Jonesboro today.


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