Statistics on Back Pain and Chiropractic Treatment For Patients in Jonesboro, GA

Dec 31, 2015

If continuously read through our blog or are new to the our website, you should know that you’re in experienced, safe hands when it comes to understanding the complexities associated with back pain in Jonesboro.

Today, we will review a number of top level statistics that speak to the extent of back pain and how it affects most patients.

While each condition is unique and requires a customized treatment plan in order to completely alleviate all symptoms, here are 18 statistics that illustrate how and why you should use Chiropractic care to maintain a healthy spine.

Back Pain Statistics

  • 62 million adults throughout the world suffer from lower back pain each year.
  • 80 percent of people worldwide experience some level of back pain during their lifetime.
  • Over 86$ billion is spent on diagnosing and treating back pain each year.
  • The leading cause of missed work is due to immobilizing back pain.
  • Back pain is the second leading cause for why people visit their doctor.
  • Lower back pain is the number one cause of disability throughout the world.
  • Nearly $30 billion is lost each year in productivity due to chronic back pain.
  • 32.3 million adults claim to experience some level of neck or cervical pain.
  • More than 20 million United States citizens visit a Chiropractor each year.
  • 60 percent of all Chiropractic patients are female.
  • The practice of Chiropractic care has existed for over 100 years and was founded in 1895.
  • There are over 1 million spinal adjustments applied each business day in the United States.
  • 58 percent of all Chiropractic patients believe it is a critical consideration when choosing an insurance provider.
  • Most patients tend to save between 45 to 55 percent more when visiting a Chiropractor, opposed to a medical physician.

Benefits of Treating Back Pain With Chiropractic Care

  • Reduce the number of days you spend in the hospital by 59 percent.
  • Reduce the amount of times you have to visit a hospital by 60 percent.
  • Reduce your pharmaceutical costs by up to 85 percent.
  • Pregnant women can reduce their back pain by up to 84 percent.

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