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Treating Back Pain In Jonesboro, GA

Nov 19, 2015

Over 80 percent of Americans will suffer from some form of back pain during the course of their life, according to the American Chiropractic Association.

One of the available options for people who are looking to treat their back pain is to seek out the help of a Chiropractor in Jonesboro.

If you aren’t familiar with Chiropractic medicine, doctors within this specific field are primarily trained to address issues that affect the alignment of your spine, as they relate to your overall health and wellbeing.

By taking a more holistic approach to treating your back condition, Chiropractic care is able to be used as a means for managing and diminishing pain, as well as for achieving long-term, permanent wellness.

Decades worth of tests and studies justify Chiropractic methods to be extremely affective for reducing back pain. To understand how treatment works and what goes into a typical recovery plan, make sure you review the following points of information:

How Chiropractic Treatment Works

Chiropractic treatments conducted on a regular basis, typically focus on the use of spinal adjustments and manipulation as means of supporting pain management, by stimulating your body’s self-healing capabilities.

Realignment of the spine is known to mitigate pressure that’s applied to your central nervous system. This pressure is why lower back pain and headaches are among the most common conditions treated by Chiropractors throughout the greater Atlanta area.

Visiting Your Chiropractor

Most patients going through their first visit experience a complete and thorough evaluation, similar to what you go through when first visiting your primary physician’s office. Your Chiropractor will look for you to describe your symptoms, which will help determine the type of tests and X-rays they request to help clarify the true extent of your condition.

An appropriate treatment plan will be described once your Chiropractor has access to your test results and can determine what specific procedures are necessary, based on the unique characteristics of your injury.

Applying Pressure

At each visit, your Chiropractor might apply forceful pressure on key parts of your back and/or other areas of your physique in order to help reduce pain and realign your spine.

This pressure may feel abrupt or it may be low in force, and might be implemented through the use of your Chiropractor’s hands or with the help of a specific instrument/tool.


Massage might also be used as a part of your recovery process. Talk to your chiropractor about the different methods they tend to utilize with similar conditions they’ve treated in the past, before accepting the terms of your treatment plan.

Additional Treatment Options

In addition to these solutions, you may also be prescribed:

  • habitual supplements that apply to your natural every day routine;
  • dietary adjustments;
  • exercise routines;
  • hot and cold stimulation.