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Ways to Avoid Back Pain
Mar 19, 2013

Ways to Avoid Back Pain In Jonesboro, GA | AICA JonesboroPhysical jobs are known to cause injuries, and more than 1/3rd of all disability claims come from warehouse workers and dockworkers. These kinds of jobs represent the heartbeat of commerce and trade.

Workers are constantly on their feet, lifting heavy materials and put in an honest full days work. Unlike typical office jobs where an 8 hour workday might actually be a 5 hour workday when you account for personal internet usages and non-work related conversations.

Warehouse workers have to meet production.

Their bodies endure a days worth of stress and this is why they represent a very large amount of on the job injuries.

It isn’t uncommon for workers in this industry to suffer from chronic back pain.

One source of injuries for warehouse workers is using the wrong technique to pick up heavy and light items. It is obvious why heavy items can cause injuries, but repeatedly using bad mechanics can harm the body. Take for example light parts pickers— Most warehouses have this position and it is most often found in retail, grocery and automotive warehouses. Parts pickers normally lift items that weigh less than 20 lbs., yet it is very common for them to experience back pain. Over time any repetitive incorrect motion will cause pain and injury.

Workers who round and bend from their back are using an incorrect and potentially dangerous lifting technique. Using the correct lifting technique can reduce the most common injuries in warehouses.

Another thing that causes back pain in warehouse workers is standing all day. The most safety conscious warehouse owners are starting to provide padded rubber surfaces to protect the feet, legs and back of workers. The padded rubber surfaces are used over the hard cement floor where workers perform most of their duties. This trend hasn’t fully caught on with the industry, but it is something that helps. Workers who do not have this luxury should wear strong shoes with thick pads. Hours of standing and walking on a hard surface put a ton of stress on the body. Ankle injuries, foot pain, knee pain and back pain all result from standing all day. Proper shoes, padding, Chiropractic care and good posture helps protect the back from injury and overuse. A straight spine uses the vertebrae in the most efficient manner. Bad posture causes your support muscles in the abdominals and back more stress. Proper posture will reduce pain and the unneeded use of these muscles.


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