Are Calcium Supplements Helpful for Strong Bone Health

Mar 15, 2019

Are Calcium Supplements Helpful for Strong Bone Health | AICA JonesboroAs your bones and teeth contain calcium, it is vital for your body to consume calcium to ensure density remains intact as well as preventing bone loss. As people age, their bones may become brittle due to a lack of vitamin D and calcium and as they become brittle they are more susceptible to breaking.

Calcium isn’t just vital for your bones but also provides the body with many other benefits. When you add calcium into your daily intake it improves blood production, muscle movement and sending messages to your nerves. Eating foods with calcium is important but if you cannot consume enough in your diet, vitamins can fill the void in what you may be lacking.

What is the right amount of calcium?

Calcium levels are based of of one’s age so someone who is twenty may need less than someone who is fifty. For women under fifty it is suggested that they consume 1000mg per day and for those over fifty, 1200 mg a day. Men however need 1000mg if they are under seventy and 1200 mg per day if they are over seventy.

If vitamins aren’t something you want to take, then incorporating calcium rich foods like dairy, soy, almonds, oranges and green leafy vegetables are the way to go! Sometimes diet restrictions may limit how much calcium can be consumed within your diet so supplements like vitamins are always a backup option if you need to reach your intake goal.

How should calcium supplements be consumed?

With any dietary supplement, it is important to not consume more than is recommended. Calcium supplements are formulated in a way where it’s important to take them at a certain time and in a certain way.

Calcium carbonate is best when absorbed in the body with stomach acid present to help process the calcium best. It’s best to stay away from iron rich foods when taking calcium supplements as it is harder for the body to process the calcium. Be sure to take 500 mg or less as the body cannot process more than that at one time so it’s best to spread them out over time.

Side effects

It’s always recommended to take the proper dosage of calcium as taking too much can cause constipation, gas and bloating.

Our Jonesboro chiropractors care about your bone health and would like to make sure that you are aware of just how important bone health can be. If you would like more information about calcium supplements or would like to find out other ways to ensure your calcium intake is accurate, please contact our office at (404) 602-0387 for a consultation today!


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