Cortisone injections – Are They Safe?

Mar 8, 2019

Cortisone injections - Are They Safe? | AICA JonesboroCortisone is a steroid identical to the hormone cortisol that is already made in your body. This steroid is grouped with other steroids in the category of corticosteroids. This steroid injection is used to help reduce inflammation that causes pain in the body. These injections can last for many months and is extremely effective for short term for injuries that may be extremely painful.

How cortisone injections are used

The injection is injected into the location of the injury to the joint or tendon. This treatment method is so successful that although there may be side effects, most physicians recommend anyway as the benefits outweigh the negative.

The body’s natural response to danger is producing inflammation and this means that there is more blood and fluid available to the body where it needs it most. Although inflammation may be the body’s natural response, there are some cases where inflammation makes functioning difficult. This is when cortisone shots can be a huge aid in your healing process.

Systemic cortisone injections

An injection into a muscle is called systemic and is injected into gluteus or deltoid muscle in the back. These are intended for those people who suffer from asthma or allergic reactions. The cortisone reduces the inflammation in lungs and clears the pathways out allowing for oxygen to flow freely through the body. Rashes and hives are side effects of this injection.

Local cortisone injections

When there is pain in the joint or tendon the injection occurs right where the injury is located. These types of injections are done under X-ray with the help of fluoroscopy to guide the medical professional to get it in the exact location. Common areas for these injections are the knee, hip, shoulder, back, or facet joint pain from arthritis.

Side effects

When cortisone is used frequently, there is risk of damage to the tendons and cartilage. There are special formulas when used to treat to the tendons to not cause as much harm to those areas. Physicians are also cautious with how many injections one can have over the course of one year as to not create more harm than good.

The injection site can lose skin pigmentation and even shrink. There also may be a temporary flare ups but those will alleviate after 48 hours. The effects are not a permanent solution but can be extremely effective for short term solutions.

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