Combat Poor Posture

Jun 14, 2019

Combat Poor Posture | AICA JonesboroWe’ve all heard it; stand up straighter, don’t slouch, pull your shoulders back, but do we take it seriously? We should. Having poor posture can lead to pain over time. Studies have shown that poor posture has been implicated in many different conditions that can affect your overall health. With high levels of stress and poor posture, your body could be suffering in more ways than you are aware but you can fix it and here’s how.

The Slouch Effect

With back pain being a common complaint among most people, when one is slouching or in a sitting position for a long period of time that can exacerbate the problem even more. Your joints and ligaments become strained when in those positions with improper posture. In order to rectify this problem, it is recommended to take breaks when doing repetitive tasks like sitting at a desk for long periods of time to allow your body to move and stretch out and take the strain off of the back and neck and even the hips.

Relationship with Stress

If you experience high levels of stress your body could be suffering even more if poor posture is added to the mix as levels of cortisol and testosterone can be altered due to the slumped position you may find yourself in on a regular basis. If stress has you down, practice an exercise such as yoga which not only is good for the body but will also help teach you breathing exercises which can combat high levels of stress.

Sitting For Too Long

If you find yourself sitting in the same place for long periods of time without anything to do you are at risk for lower life expectancy. For those that live a sedentary lifestyle they are reducing their life expectancy by almost 20 minutes for every hour spent laying around slumped over on the couch. The good news however, is it can be reversed! Change your lifestyle habits and get a bit more active, stand a little straighter and when sitting, make sure the back is supported.

Poor Footwear and Posture

If you are someone who performs a repetitive task, wear high heels or even sleep with poor posture you put yourself at risk for muscle pain and damage. With these types of situations your body is under stress and strain and this can result in injury. Wearing high heels is fine as long as you are mindful of your posture and when sleeping, find a position that doesn’t strain the neck muscles and put added pressure and strain on the back.

Depression is a serious condition and should be treated as such but with simple modifications to your lifestyle like adjusting your posture, you may be more prepared to fight your depression. Studies have shown that those who stand or sit taller have a higher self-esteem and confidence than those who sit slouched or slumped over. If you’re sitting for long periods of time, take a break, give yourself a change of scenery even if for a few minutes and allow yourself that time to correct your posture.

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