Innovations In Regenerative Medicine Shown To Reduce Hip Pain

May 17, 2019

Innovations In Regenerative Medicine Shown To Reduce Hip Pain | AICA JonesboroHas your hip pain become so intense that you are thinking of surgery? Have you found that the treatments you have been receiving just aren’t doing the trick anymore? This innovative regenerative medicine has been shown to enhance the body’s own natural healing capabilities resulting in pain relief to the joints.

Regenerative Medicine For Hip Pain

With this innovative method, our chiropractors use growth factors and stem cells to regenerate damaged tissue. These growth factors and stem cells are retrieved from your body by using platelet rich plasma or even bone marrow. Platelets are gathered from the rich plasma inside your body as the solid components from the blood are processed out, as only the platelets are used for this treatment method. The growth factors are pulled from the bone marrow inside the body as this is also another way to use regenerative medicine.

How Does Regenerative Medicine Help?

Pain in the hip usually derives from wear and tear of the cartilage located in the hip socket. As the hip is a ball and socket joint, the bones move smoothly when the cartilage is functioning the way it should by providing a cushion or a barrier so that the bones do not rub together. However, when the bones begin to rub together, which can be from osteoarthritis or even inflammation, the joint pain becomes increasingly painful. There is also the possibility that an injury can result in this type of pain if the soft tissues around the joints and ligaments become damaged.

Now, how can this regenerative medicine relieve the pain? Physicians use injections of either the rich plasma platelets or growth factors retrieved from bone marrow under the guide of an ultrasound and inject them into the hip. Over a period of time, our patients have reported reduced pain and increased mobility which shows that the regenerative medicine has improved the cartilage in the body without the need for surgery.

If you have been struggling with hip pain and have exhausted all other options and are looking to avoid surgery, think about how regenerative medicine may be right for you. Call our Jonesboro chiropractors today to learn more! Dial (404) 602-0387 today for a consultation!


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