Does My Insurance Cover Chiropractic Care in Jonesboro?

Jul 22, 2015

Does My Insurance Cover Chiropractic Care in Jonesboro? | AICA JonesboroIf you’re wondering: “Does my insurance cover chiropractic care in Jonesboro?” You can pretty much quit wondering right now.

Are You Insured for Chiropractic Care?

Most insurance plans cover chiropractic care. At worst, this is usually limited to necessary procedures as opposed to maintenance. Some chiropractors will suggest that you come back many times – more than is required to attend to a specific injury.

How Many Adjustments?

For example, some people make their chiropractor a primary care doctor. In this event, your chiropractic treatment would likely be covered by your insurance.

However, baring this circumstance, showing up for weekly or monthly adjustments that are not connected to a specific injury won’t usually be covered by insurance plans – in particular, medicare doesn’t cover such treatment. Nor does it cover any extra procedures outside of the minimal adjustments that are necessary to heal an injury.

When to See a Chiropractor

That makes the best use of chiropractors ideal for people with insurance, which is to heal car accident injuries.

If you’ve been in an accident and have injured any area of your spine, or are experiencing headaches and nerve related issues in your arms or legs, these are all problems that your chiropractor can address because they likely stem from problems in your cervical spine, or your sciatic nerve that attaches in the lower part of your back, also known as your lumbar spine.

Both of these areas are prone to injury during an accident. Finding an accident injury chiropractor isn’t just a good way to help you alleviate your pain and worrisome symptoms, it’s almost always covered by insurance.

When You’re Not Covered

But the really great news is that even if your chiropractic care isn’t covered, or for whatever reason you’re not insured, after-injury chiropractic care is usually more affordable and can be as effective in healing you in the long term once you’ve visited the ER.

How It Works

That’s because good chiropractors are fast. They see more patients rather than fewer, and because of that they’ll charge you less for seeing them, even as they work directly on the sites of your injury.

Their efficiency will allow you to return for treatment the proper number of times, which in the beginning of your rehabilitation may be more than once a week. Your body will need time to heal, and in that time you won’t be able to move it very much or give it the exercise that it typically needs to retain structure and function.

This is where your chiropractor will help you maintain the best alignment, gradually working your body back to its optimal stability and formation.

Finding the Right Clinic with MRI

If you’re really concerned about insurance, your best option is to find a clinic that specializes in after injury care and will take pains to only charge the at fault insurance and leave you bill free. These clinics should also offer you MRI access on an as needed basis, which is often something that you can’t get at the hospital, especially if you don’t have insurance.

Long Term Health

Whether you’re insured or not, chiropractic is a great option for your after accident care, especially if you’re concerned about long term health.

That’s not something you’ll get covered at the hospital.


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