Should I Call A Lawyer or A Chiropractor After Getting Into A Car Accident

Jun 26, 2015

Car Accident Doctor in Jonesboro | AICA JonesboroHave you asked “Should I call a lawyer or a chiropractor after getting into a car accident in Jonesboro?” BOTH are worth calling. Fortunately for you, Accident Injury Centers of Atlanta (AICA) serves Jonesboro, and we can save you time and cell-phone minutes when you call us. In fact, you can call us right now, because we’re open 24/7.

An incredible benefit of AICA is our knowledge of the legal system. We don’t just get you well. We help your case. AICA’s doctors will share their medical papers with your assigned attorney who can best present your case to the at-fault insurance provider, or your provider.

What’s more, if you don’t have an attorney we can help you get one. That’s the power of AICA. We’re one of the most connected medical networks in the state of Georgia. More powerful than the hospital when it comes to getting you every benefit you have coming.

AICA’s team of health professionals includes chiropractors, orthopedic doctors and physical therapists. Each expert adds to your recovery by providing a unique perspective on your condition.

For example, the Jonesboro clinic houses its own Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT), and X-ray scanners under the same roof. That lets all of your doctors share the best in cutting edge medical imaging, which will help you heal.

Free X-ray and Free Consultation!

That’s right, your consultation includes a free X-ray! It’s easy to get. All you do is answer your doctor’s questions about your accident, family medical history and your own pre-existing conditions. Tell us about your pain, discomfort and what you’d like to happen..

We can give you every treatment you need, and make sure you get the right doctors to give them. No matter what happened, we can get you the help to increase muscle tone, range of motion and decrease pain. If you need it, we’ll get you an X-ray, or even an MRI – something that you probably didn’t get at the hospital. Lastly, we’ll prescribe for you a treatment plan that typically ranges from 1 to 3 visits a week over weeks.

Your Bottom Line

AICA works hard to prevent you from paying out-of-pocket expenses, and we do this by building a case against the at-fault insurance company to support your claim.

Most vehicle insurance policies cover medical costs in the tens of thousands, so your MRI scan will cost just pennies on the dollar.


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