For Patients With Sensory Needs, Try These Tips For A Great Night’s Rest

Jan 2, 2019

For Patients With Sensory Needs, Try These Tips For A Great Night's Rest | AICA JonesboroOur Jonesboro chiropractors understand that some patients may have sensory needs when it comes to noise and trying to sleep at night. Below are some options available to fulfill those needs.

Evidence-Based Tips To Sleep Better At Night


Noise cancelling headphones:

As we go to lay down, the last thing we want is to listen to creaks in the floor or outside noises making sleep a tiresome task.  With these wireless headphones you can move around your bed without wires being hooked to a device and lay peacefully in your bed blocking out the noise.

Sound Machine:

Some may not be able to sleep comfortably with an earpiece in their ear so a sound machine may be the better choice. Outside noises that may cause a person to struggle with sleeping can choose this machine and program calming noises blocking out the unwanted noise. There are even apps available on smartphones that allow you to play soothing music to block out those noises as well.

Weighted blanket:

Oftentimes we like to be covered by a blanket to give us a sense of security but what if it’s too hot? A weighted blanket is a thinner material with 10 to 30 pounds of weight that provides a sense of calm and helps with sleep by reducing tossing and turning.

Temperature regulated bedding:

One of the hard parts of sleep is being able to find the right temperature but with this type of bedding that problem is a thing of the past. Temperature regulated bedding works with your body and adapts to your body temperature giving you the most comfortable sleep.

There are also systems that attach to the bed that can pump hot or cool air through the mattress as you sleep.

Adjustable bed:

These beds have frames in which adjust to fit your needs. If you suffer from chronic back pain you can recline the bed into the position that takes the most pressure off your back as well as your knees. A zero gravity bed is also another great option as that distributes your weight equally across your bed taking the pain off your back.

If you are looking for better alternatives to give you a better night sleep, please contact the Jonesboro chiropractic treatment team today for a consultation! Dial (404) 602-0387 to schedule an appointment today!


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