Don’t Let Sciatic Nerve Pain Prevent You From Sleeping

Jan 9, 2019

Don't Let Sciatic Nerve Pain Prevent You From Sleeping | AICA JonesboroHaving sciatic nerve pain can be even more tiresome when you are trying to get a good night’s sleep. The stabbing and tingling feeling can be a nuisance when trying to fall asleep.

Tips For Sleeping Through Sciatic Nerve Pain

Pillows may be your best bet when trying to find comfort however finding the right arrangement may be the hard part. Our Jonesboro chiropractors have compiled a list of tips on how to arrange those pillows just right giving you your best sleep.

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to the firmness of their mattress but those who suffer from sciatic pain normally find the medium to firm is the best fit for them. So, find a firm surface that can create and support spinal alignment which will help reduce the pain from the nerve.

A two-piece wedge allows you to prop up your head at the same time your legs are elevated creating a recliner in the bed. Having your head and legs propped can take the pressure off of your spine resulting in relief.

This next option also allows your body to recline. Using two big pillows place one behind your back and the other behind your knee. Then take a dense pillow and place that behind your shoulders and one to two more under your knees.

When sciatic nerve pain is an issue, sleeping on your side can be almost impossible to bear. You can use pillows to barricade yourself in to stop yourself from rolling onto your side. However, there are those who just cannot sleep on their back and need to find comfort in sleeping on their side. Use a contoured pillow and place it between your knees taking the pressure off the nerve and allowing your spine to be aligned.

There are also those who enjoy sleeping on their stomach but that sleep style may not be conducive with sciatic nerve pain. Sleeping with a pillow under your hips give you the allusion you are on your stomach but the pillow under the hip will allow for the spine to remain aligned.

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As sciatic nerve pain has many causes that may influence sleep, trying one of these techniques may give you a better chance of a goodnight’s sleep. Contact AICA Jonesboro for a consultation today at (404) 602-0387.


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