How Chiropractic Treatment Reduces Stress, Improves Overall Health

Feb 15, 2019

How Chiropractic Treatment Reduces Stress, Improves Overall Health | AICA JonesboroMost Americans find themselves dealing with some type of stress in their daily lives and this stress can attribute to some concerning health conditions such as depression, diabetes and even heart disease.

Stress and Personal Health

Stress can adversely affect the nervous system but there are chiropractic treatments that can help minimize the effects.

Our brains automatic functions are controlled by the autonomic nervous system which is in constant motion and is composed of different parts. The parasympathetic system controls tears, saliva, digestion and elimination. However the sympathetic system is where our fight or flight responses are found. This system is the body’s protector.

The sympathetic system remains in constant motion when the body is under stress and this results in your body trying to overprotect itself and correct what the body is lacking such as sleep, water, food choices that may be less than ideal and even inaccurate posture. Although you may not be in incredible danger your body’s nervous system is working in a higher than normal function when stress is increased.

Where our chiropractors can help

If the body has been under a great deal of stress the parasympathetic function which correlates with joints such as the upper cervical joints like the neck and the lower lumbar region could use a chiropractic adjustment which could have a positive impact to the entire nervous system. By allowing the adjustments the communication to the resting areas like digestion would reach an optimal level allowing the nervous system to relax and reduce the overactive sympathetic system.

When adjustments are made, patients are often at ease and feel refreshed as the adjustment allows the joints to reset and helps restore motion to the joints minimizing the stress load on the body.

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By implementing a chiropractic treatment method into your hectic life you could begin to experience a positive shift in your health and overall and easing some of that stress away. If you would like to learn more about how this method can help you, call our Jonesboro chiropractors at (404) 602-0387 today!


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