How To Find the Right Car Accident Doctor in Jonesboro, GA

Apr 21, 2015

Car Accident Doctor Jonesboro | AICA JonesboroCar accidents, even seemingly minor ones, often result in panic and confusion, and in that confusion, many people don’t realize that injuries from car accidents aren’t always immediately obvious. You may not think you need medical attention, but the only way to be sure is to be screened for injuries within 24 hours of the accident, otherwise your injuries may not be covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance.

In all of the post-accident panic, it can be difficult to even think about how to find the right car accident doctor in Jonesboro, GA. But because it’s so important to get screened as soon as possible, try to keep these important things in mind (maybe even write them down and keep them in your car, just in case).

Choose a Car Accident Injury Specialist

Car accidents are traumatic enough without the added shock of discovering that the emergency room staff, and even your personal physician, are reluctant to properly treat and document your car accident injuries, but this happens more often than you’d think. This is because the at-fault driver’s insurance may refuse to pay for your care if your injuries are not properly documented and the doctor that examined and treated you could even be dragged into court.

Doctors that specialize in car accident injuries know exactly how to best document your injuries so that the insurance company is satisfied, and are prepared for the possibility that they could be called to testify on your behalf if things get legally messy. Word-of-mouth and local medical associations are good resources for car accident specialists.

Absolutely Do Not Wait!

The longer you wait to get screened for injuries related to your car accident, the more likely it is that the at-fault driver’s insurance is going to refuse to cover your examination and treatment. They can do this because the more time there is between the car accident and the discovery of your injury, the more opportunities there are for you to have been injured by something other than the accident.

Additionally, it can take days, weeks, months, or even years for an injury from your accident to start causing you trouble and pain. By then you may not even realize the discomfort is related to the accident and you will end up being fully responsible for the coverage of all examinations and treatments.

Getting screened for any injuries within 24 hours of your accident will ensure that you get the treatment you need and that the cause of your injuries is clearly documented as being the accident, giving you a solid case for insurance coverage. Even if you feel perfectly fine after your accident, get screened. If nothing else, it’s worth the peace of mind.


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