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When Is Chiropractic Treatment In Jonesboro Ongoing?
May 18, 2015

Chiropractic care can be a bit of a mystery to a lot of people, leaving them confused about what exactly chiropractors treat and how. This confusion isn’t surprising when some chiropractic patients swear that they don’t know how they could live without their treatments, while others insist they’re not worth the time.

One of the big things that deters people from pursuing chiropractic care is the concern that the first adjustment will only be the start of a lifetime of endless adjustments. However, many patients claim that’s not always the case. So, just when is chiropractic treatment in Jonesboro ongoing?

Instant Relief is Fleeting

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A commonly repeated message these days is that if it works faster it must be better, and that anything that doesn’t grant instant results isn’t worth the time or the money. Headache pills and powders claim to provide instant relief and weight loss elixirs tout incredible results in virtually no time at all.

That message misses the fact that long lasting, quality results don’t come from quick fixes. Chiropractic care strives to reach and maintain quality results, and that’s something that simply doesn’t happen in just a couple of visits.

Maintaining a Relationship

Imagine going to your hair stylist or your dentist only one or two time in your entire life. Your hair will keep growing and your teeth will still need deep cleaning and cavity filling. Would you just let those things go? Would you try to do them yourself?

Chiropractic care is very hands-on and requires a consistent face-to-face relationship, just like your dentist or hair stylist. In all of these situations, a specialist needs to see you in person to make physical adjustments that you can’t do alone at home.

Therefore, your chiropractor will probably recommend exercises for you to do at home in between adjustments, but these are intended to maintain your progress until your next session, not replace the benefits of regular professional adjustments.

Ongoing care is also known as supportive care , and it’s very beneficial, especially if you’re recovering from an injury. As your body heals, things change, and ongoing care is the only way to keep up and prevent future pain.

Treat your Spine Like Your Heart

It’s commonly accepted that exercising one time isn’t going to do much for keeping your heart and body healthy, so why expect one adjustment to equal a healthy spine? Your spine is as vital to healthy body function as your heart is, treat it with the same respect and care.