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Most Common Conditions Chiropractors In Jonesboro Treat
May 1, 2015

Most Common Conditions Chiropractors in Jonesboro Treat | AICA JonesboroWhat are the most common conditions chiropractors in Jonesboro treat?

Spinal Pain

If you’re looking for a chiropractor, that probably means that you’re in pain. Thankfully, that’s the specialty of chiropractors – dealing with pain.

Just because you’re in pain, it doesn’t mean that your back is destroyed. It doesn’t even mean that you’ve got a disintegrating disc. The discs, while they don’t have their own fluid systems like the rest of your body, tend not to hurt when they’re injured.

That means if you’re in a lot of pain, the chances are you’re feeling muscular spinal pain, and not pain of bone grinding or a disc hitting the nerve root.

Of course, these things also happen.

But pronounced pain is often caused by a pulled muscle – especially pain is located in the lumbar, or lower spine, where the paraspinous muscles run on either side of your vertebrae. These muscles take up the weight of your back and support your spine with the help of your abdominal muscles.

People with a weak core – who lack muscle tone in their stomach and their back – are at a greater risk to injure the muscles and connecting tissue in their lumbar spine. It’s these injuries that can send you to the floor.

And your chiropractor is waiting to pick you up. Often the single adjustment that a good chiropractor makes in your lumbar spine is going to rectify the intense pain of a muscle in spasm along your lower or upper back.

So it’s worth going.

Neck Pain

We don’t do much right with our necks. We sit for long periods at computers. We type reams of data. We misuse our bodies and lurch and sit like we’re made of putty.

All of that hurts your neck, and sends millions to the chiropractor each year. While neck pain from car accidents are the most common among accident injuries, it’s also a fact of life just from the way that we treat our necks.

The problem with this, aside from pain, is that our posture is compromised, and so are our nerves. Between the seven joints in our cervical spine are eight nerve roots. These control all of our upper body processes – from our heads down to the diaphragm, which regulates our breathing. These nerve roots control our biceps, triceps, hands, and pectoral muscles. They’re incredibly important, and it’s amazing to think that we put them all at risk by sitting improperly watching YouTube all day,

Take your neck to a chiropractor, and you’ll also be able to help your headaches – 80 percent of which are caused by problems and tension located in your cervical spine.