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With So Many To Choose From, How Do I Choose The Right Chiropractor In Jonesboro?
May 1, 2015

Chiropractor in Jonesboro | AICA JonesboroYour chiropractic adventure begins with knowing the best practices of a chiropractor.

First – you don’t need help with nutrition.

You need help with your back. The reason that chiropractors offer you nutrition help is because they’re aiming for total body wellness. The reason they talk about that is because chiropractic methods can affect the nerves in your body positively.

When you take stress and physical pressure off of the nerves, you let them work better, possibly opening your body to healing that it can undertake on its own.

These highly subtle changes in your system can increase your well being, and even stop chronic symptoms.

Once you’re nerves are working properly, and you’re structurally sound – meaning your spine is now aligned. You’ll feel better and be in a much better position to undertake further work on living in a healthy way.

You’ll probably feel like dieting.

And so the chiropractors offer you a level of nutrition counseling to take advantage of your new body, which is all well and good.

However, if you choose a chiropractor based on their nutrition package – realize that you’re looking at a feature distant from the actual mandate of what a chiropractor is actually hired to do with your body, and that is to align the spine.

The same goes for any other features that a chiropractor is claiming – such as weight loss. It’s not about that. Don’t make extras the center of your search for a chiropractor.

If you want nutrition – get a nutritionist.


Check their references, and make sure that the people who have seen this chiropractor in the past are happy and helped. Make sure the chiropractor is certified and has the requisite credentials.


There’s more to your back than an X-ray often reveals. Chiropractic offices exist that are actually part of care networks that offer after-injury MRI or CT scanning. If you’re in need of more intensive work on your back, consider finding not a local, family owned chiropractor, but a networked clinic that can offer you more options than adjustments.

Like cold laser therapy, for example.


It’s something to think about. Just as there are different styles of doctors, there are different styles of doctors of chiropractic – from low to high impact and intervention. If you do think that you need more help with your spine, again it’s best to consider a chiropractor who works alongside anesthesiologists who can offer procedures.

These include facet blocks and nerve ablation.

Most chiropractors don’t offer these treatments that involved entering your spine with needles. You want these treatments done not by physiatrists, but by anesthesiologists. If you’re having them done on the cervical spine, consider using a neurosurgeon.