4 Main Causes of Soft-tissue Injuries

Oct 28, 2014

Throughout the day, accidents happen and injuries result. From contusions to tendonitis, soft-tissue injuries are very painful due to the inflammation of the tissue. Soft-tissue injuries involve strains and bruises to non-skeletal components such as:

Back Pain from Soft Tissue Injuries | AICA Jonesboro

  • Tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Nerves
  • Muscles

When most people think of soft-tissue injuries like a torn ligament or a pulled oblique, they think of injuries that only occur to athletes or those who workout heavily. However, soft-tissue injuries happen to non-athletic people, too.

Here are four main causes of soft-tissue injuries:

1) Overuse

Sports injuries, carpal tunnel and other conditions are typically caused by repetitive motions and overusing your muscles to the point of strain. Muscles become worn, tendons and ligaments tear and nerves get agitated to you cause pain, all of which may require surgery to repair. Tendonitis and bursitis, two conditions where your tendons and joints are inflamed, are examples of injuries that occur because of overuse of soft-tissue. These injuries happen from repetitive motion by working out or performing the same activity over time. Make sure you take periodic rest breaks from working or exercising will allow your body to heal from the effort and prepare it for the next task.

2) Slip or Fall

When you fall, the sudden impact can tear your ligaments, tendons and muscles depending on the fall’s severity. If you catch yourself from falling, the pressure from the fall can damage soft tissue in your arms and wrists, as that is the hardest hit point of your body. You can also bruise from a fall if the impact hits muscle. For minor bruises, just ice and apply pressure to the area. However, seek medical attention in the event that your bruise is more serious.

3) Bad Twist

Sometimes when you fall or lose your balance, you may twist a part of your body in order to catch yourself or to prevent further damage. This can overextend the soft tissue in that part of your body, possibly tearing it in the process. When one of your ligaments is twisted, it is known as a sprain. Some sprains occur by merely losing your balance and your ankle weakens due to the pressure. Treat sprains by resting and elevating your leg, as well as keeping it iced and compressed to hold down the inflammation. If the twist tears the ligament completely, as opposed to just overextending it, then you may need to have the ligament surgically repaired.

4) Blunt Force

When you are in a car accident or any other collision, blunt force can cause you a large variety of soft-tissue injuries. This force can strain and sprain parts of your body, tearing tissue, as well as developing bruises due to the impact to the muscle. Treat these injuries with ice and compression so you can tone down any swelling and inflammation that may result from your injury.

No matter the injury, you will need to get it evaluated so you can get the treatment you need in order to fix the problem. Don’t wait for the injury to worsen before you get help.