Ask The Experts: How Your Spine Affects Your Health

Feb 1, 2019

How Your Spine Affects Your Health | AICA JonesboroIn previous posts, we at AICA Jonesboro have discussed the four different curves that can be found in the neck as well as the importance of a healthy curvature. Dr. Mike, a long time chiropractor, examines what an unhealthy or less than perfect curve can do to your health and is going to share his advice on how to maintain a healthy curvature.

Problems that may arise from an unhealthy spine

The Jonesboro chiropractic team have worked with many patients who come to the office expressing their pain with migraines and headaches and oftentimes it’s a direct result from the curve in their neck. Typically these patients have what is called a straight neck or a reverse curvature and have experienced discomfort for many years.

How can our chiropractors help?

Dr. Mike explains that there are certain adjustments or even exercises and therapies available to those who have that less than perfect curvature and once those adjustments are made or therapies completed, the spine can return to the proper shape called the lordotic curve. Many patients have said once these techniques have been used, their headaches are minimal or even gone entirely.

Dr. Mike’s Healthy Curve Restoration tips

If you find yourself experiencing pain that you think may be associated with a curvature problem, follow these tips from AICA Jonesboro:

First, make an appointment, with us so that our chiropractic team can evaluate you and order the proper tests such as X-rays of your spine. After the evaluation of your condition we will provide you with a care plan in which needs to be followed due to the curvature requiring maintenance over time.

Second, always keep in mind your posture is important. When driving in a car or sitting at a desk, remember to always your ears should be lining up with your shoulders which requires you to push your shoulders backs and hold your head up.

Also, remember that your sleeping position may also affect your spine curve and although sleeping on your stomach may be the ideal sleeping position, sleeping this way long term can cause damage and changes to the spine.

If you are someone who is working in an office, remain conscious of your work setup. As we said before, your shoulders should be back and head should be up so if a computer monitor is not in the accurate location it’s best to move it to fit your needs. With your head and shoulders being in check, next think about your feet placement and keep in my mind that your chair should allow you to keep your feet planted on the ground.

Lastly, if you carry a purse with one strap be mindful of the side you rest the bag on. Switch sides occasionally or wear the purse across your body allowing an equal or more balanced pressure on your back and shoulders. For those who carry that wallet in the back pocket, take it out! Carrying a wallet in the back pocket and then sitting on it all day at your workstation can cause an imbalance in your posture resulting in spine discomfort.

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