Using A Brace May Be Your Best Option To Combat Scoliosis

Jan 16, 2019

Using A Brace May Be Your Best Option To Combat Scoliosis | AICA JonesboroScoliosis is a condition that curves your spine and can cause extreme discomfort and pain but there are however treatment options that do not involve surgery.

A brace can be an effective tool in treating certain specific idiopathic scoliosis.

What Can A Brace Do?

Many times this condition is diagnosed in the teen years and the fear for a teen is that their life will be forever changed and the thought of the possible disfigurement could decrease a child’s self-confidence.

However, almost 90 percent of all those that suffer from idiopathic scoliosis continue on with their lives without the need for surgery or even a brace. Those diagnosed with this condition may not need extensive treatment but they will be required to be monitored on a regular basis to ensure nothing changes.

For the 10 percent that may need treatment, a brace will be recommended if the curvature of the spine exceeds a 25 degree angle and this will slow down or stop the progression of the condition. The purpose of the brace is to attempt to avoid surgery in the future.

If this isn’t caught in the teen years and adult is suffering from idiopathic scoliosis , a brace will not be effective as the spine has grown to maturity. Braces are most often only prescribed to those who are ages 10-16.

For those who have progressive or flexible curvatures, braces are one of the best options. Those who have a large growth potential are also good candidates for success with a brace.

When a brace is prescribed by an orthopedic surgeon, it is suggested that a person wears the brace for about 16 hours. The brace can be removed for hygienic purposes or any other times that the brace may cause restrictions. The brace can be worn at night or during the day.


With a brace comes the struggles of wearing it for the appropriate amount of time. As teens are the prime candidates for this treatment plan, they are the ones who are going through the most changes and this type of treatment may cause them to become self-conscious which in turn causes them to not wear the brace as instructed.

Aside from the esthetics, other complications can occur such as skin irritation from the brace, mild deformity of the rib cage and discomfort from the brace.

Mental Health and Scoliosis

As the braces can be repairing the spine, it could be tearing down a level of confidence. Having a mental health professional working with the child and family to help promote the use of the brace as a positive verse a negative will help the child’s mental and physical well being.

If you suspect that your child or yourself may be suffering from scoliosis and would like to discuss treatment plans, please contact our Jonesboro Chiropractors to schedule a consultation today at (404) 602-0387!


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