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Just How Often Should You Schedule An Adjustment With Your Jonesboro, GA Chiropractor?
Oct 22, 2015

How Often Should You Visit Your Jonesboro Chiropractor | AICA JonesboroOne of the most common questions chiropractic patients in Jonesboro ask, is just how often should they schedule an adjustment appointment with us.

The answer is that it completely depends on your individual goals.

If you recently over exerted yourself by perhaps, lifting heavy objects without proper support and throw your back out, the answer to “how often” is going to be different than if you’re interested in addressing more profound spinal issues.

For quick fixes, you can visit us whenever you need so that your Chiropractor can make necessary adjustments to your body and have you feeling better in next to no time.

However, it’s very common that the pain you experienced will appear again in some capacity, which is why it’s important to schedule an adjustment two to three times a week, for two weeks, to prevent further damage from taking place.

Spinal concerns typically build up over time, with most patients experiencing discomfort on a regular basis that ranges from sore to pulsating pain. Usually derived from wear and tear that supersedes your body’s ability to absorb and/or divert the impact of your every-day routine, spinal issues demand a long-term approach to recovery that can take months.

Once you recover from whatever pain you’re experiencing, it’s worthwhile to maintain an adjustment routine that sees you visiting your Chiropractor once a week, especially as you get older and your body’s ability to recover diminishes.

If you happen to work in a position that sees you sitting down for long periods of time, it is recommended that you visit your Chiropractor every week or two.